June 11, 2011

DIY: For All Of Us

I finished building our new reclaimed wood dining table in the shop last week. I cut and ripped and planed and cried while listening to Margot's mix, my tears and sawdust coming together to form something of a tribute. Going along with our desperate desire for our lives to be different now, in some small way to honor Margot, we decided to build a new table for our family and friends to sit around. I engraved the bottom with the date and our initials. K. J. S. M.


Jes said...

Beautiful Josh ! I love it.

Hope's Mama said...

That is a beautiful piece of furniture, one which I am sure will see many beautiful moments with your family and friends around it. It is funny, certainly not in a ha ha way, the things we do when a baby dies to try and fill the massive gap in our lives that remains in the aftermath of their deaths.
We gardened, bought things we did not need, went places we otherwise wouldn't have been able to go. None of it stacked up though. We just wanted her. But I guess we had to try and use up all of that spare time and nurturing impulses somehow.

Amanda said...

Beautiful! Any chance you'd ever give a web tour of your apartment? I love your style.

Estoked said...

It is beautiful Josh.

::athada:: said...

Beautiful Josh. I'm auto-posting a DIY mini-table/shelf (tomorrow I think) that I started and finished yesterday. Much less meaning, and far less craftsmanship, but you keep me inspired. Even though I'd rather sit down with a book and coffee than bust my thumb and swear.

The DotEarth blog writer at the NYT did a similar project for himself, and made this short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVp-GMJgUvs


Anonymous said...

I read your posts often and tears never fail to fall down my cheeks. I often have to wait for my kids to be asleep or occupied so they don't see how upset I am. Our paths crossed many years ago and my heart aches nearly everyday for you and your family. Like others, I don't feel my words will ever express any comfort in such great loss.

What a beautiful idea though... to build a table in memory of Margot that you and your family and friends can sit around and know that a Margot is there with you sharing in those memories. She will always be with you, no matter where you are.

Anonymous said...

"Now and Forevermore
Your feet will never slip
Your hands will never fall
The world will never harm you

Now and Forevermore
You are the sun in my eyes
The moon in my night
And the stars in my sky

Now and Forevermore
You will always be remembered
Your courage, Your strength
You fought til the very end

Now and Forevermore
You are watching over us
From a greater height
And we'll see you again

Now and Forevermore
I will look to the sky
And know that you are
Looking right back at me"

Inspired by Psalm 121

Megan said...

What a gorgeous heirloom you have created from your pain, friend.

Josh Jackson said...

Thanks to everyone for the kind words.

Mandy - I'm not sure I have enough time to shoot more photos during the six minutes a day when the house isn't a disaster. But thanks for the love. :)

HopesMama - We can certainly identify with your comment. We find ourselves shopping from time to time (something we rarely ever did before) and we think to ourselves, what the hell are we doing here? I think you're right, we just try our best and keep filling up the days, no matter what that means.

Gwen Jackson said...

Love the table Josh and all that it stands for. I love the 4 initials. Dad will get to see it in person in a few days. Love you!

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