July 1, 2011

June 2011

In an effort to remember everything else going on these post-Margot days, I'm bringing back the end of month recap. Some days it feels like grief is all there is, but after looking over the past month in pictures, it's nice to remember we got up to some other stuff as well.

HIGHLIGHTS: We spent most of the month playing in our neighborhood with friends and kids, with our fenced in yard being the focal point. My dad also swung through for two days (supposed to be the first time he met Margot). We spent some time hiking at the memorial site, or Margot's River as we have come to think of it. And we made it down to San Diego to see our perfect little nephew Miles turn two. And we got some tattoos. Two circles, one for each kiddo.


Megan said...

Love the tat, Stella's pigtails, and her wheelie is making my mother's heart scream "BE CAREFUL!!!" :)

Gwen Jackson said...

Love all the photos. Absolutely love Stella's scrunched up face with her squinty eyes. The one with Asher. So fun.

Micki Talcott said...

Great pictures, good memories being made. I love the smiles on all your faces...so genuine!

Beck said...

I love the tattoo, I love the faces, and as always, love the honesty. (And ditto Megan on the wheelie! I'm such a wuss.)

Jamie said...

Oh, I miss you guys. Wish we saw you all the time and weren't a whole country apart...soon to be an ocean.

surfjams said...

Is it possible to say that you all look radiant on that last picture? Grateful with you for the moments of peace and joy interwoven into the fabric of grief.

Missy said...

I'm glad to see pictures of smiling faces. I realize how hard that can be a times. Are the pictures with the rocks at Margot's river? I realize now how great it is to have a place to go and feel surrounded by your child's spirit. Tattoo is awesome as well as the pose! Strength to you~

Gwen Jackson said...

So glad Dad could visit Margot's spot. It meant so much to him. Good to talk yesterday. Love you all!

Josh Jackson said...

My father's heart screams be careful too! Moses has some pretty sure hands and strength for a two year old though (also, I snapped the picture at the exact moment Kari was just outside the frame). :)

Missy, yes the photos were taken at Margot's river. It is really nice to spend time there hiking and looking for rocks. Strength back at you.

Unknown said...

Love reading your blog, Josh. So refreshing to hear some gut-wrenching honesty rather than the fake "we are fine" you usually get from people. I think about you, Kari & Stella often. Just a day or so after you lost Margot, my cousin and his wife lost their baby boy, Oliver. She was 28 weeks pregnant. Love reading the blog, it inspired me to write again with the same honesty that you so willingly share with us.

Anonymous said...

Tears are always running down my cheeks as I read your blog but today tears of JOY! Happy to see you and your beautiful family happy.
Love and light

Josh Jackson said...

Thanks for the kind note. These moments of happiness coexist with moments of sadness, as it has been from the beginning.

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