February 13, 2012

Glow In the Woods: Daydream

I'm writing over at Glow In the Woods today, talking about Margot's future. Please feel free to stop by Glow and read my post, daydream, and join the discussion.


Caroline said...

Great piece. I never had any particular vision for my son's future, but am finding that I'm having more visions of who he'd be at this age. Before all I could ever do was picture him as a baby - as that's all I ever knew him to be. But lately I'm wondering what my little toddler would look like. But he never got to be that little toddler. He was never anything but perfect.

Leslie said...

I found your blog at Glow in the Woods. I'm glad I did. It's really refreshing to see a father's perspective. My son's father doesn't really express himself like this. Thank you for doing this.

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