June 4, 2012

May + Instagram

May included trips to the beach, hiking, baseball, visits from family and, of course, the arrival of Leo. All photos taken with my iPhone and altered through the hypnotic power of Instagram.

[note to my special instagram peeps: sorry for the double dosage of sappy] 

Proud Sister

I'm Dreaming

Venice Beach


Grandma Gwen + Cousin Miles + Aunt Joni

Morning Time

Dodger Stadium + Dad

First Time Feeding Her Brother

Tummy Time

Neighbor's Country Themed Birthday Party


Hope's Mama said...

Happy for a double dose! You guys deserve all the happiness that comes your way.

loribeth said...

You have gorgeous kids. : )

Jackson and Jenna said...


A friend of mine from Indiana Wesleyan lead me to your blog quite some time ago. I got hooked because you have the most wonderful way with words and I've just never stopped reading and pulling for/ praying for you all. You and your family have been on my heart for such a long time; these photos bring my heart such joy.

Best to you all always,

surfjams said...

These pictures make me giggle with joy for you! Thanks for sharing :)

March is for daffodils said...

Oh oh oh - the pictures of Stella and Leo are wonderful. The look in Stella's eyes as she feeds her baby brother...

Gwen Jackson said...

Loved having time with the family. Such a joy to meet Leo. Hugs and love!

Tash said...

I'm with Sally, and happy for the double dosage. You guys are a beautiful family, inside and out, and i'm so happy that I get to "follow" you through the magic that is IG every day :) xx

DandelionBreeze said...

Such gorgeous photos of your beautiful family... loooove Instagram too :) Thinking of you all in happiness :))

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