July 10, 2012

Twenty-Seven Months Later

This picture was taken the last time Stella slept in the car. It was February 6, 2010 and we snapped the camera because even then, at eleven months old, it was rare for her to nap while strapped. It's almost inconceivable - the last time my daughter slept in the car she was crawling, communicating through sign language and filling diapers. I can only imagine what she was thinking in this moment, two weeks shy of her first birthday, like if she knew this was going to be her last nap, a peaceful way to close out the first chapter of her life.

[And oh my, oh my, just look at my baby with her turquoise sweatshirt and thin hair and white mid-calf socks. Forget about it.]

The car has never been her thing. Nor the stroller, or the bike, or anything that forces her to sit somewhat stationary for more than twenty-three seconds at a time. For the better part of the 1's and 2's, we endured car rides, both long and short, through whining and moaning and tears and suckers and dvd's and music and pulling over and yelling, from giving her constant attention to ignoring her and trying everything else under the hood to make for an easier ride.

We would tell her during these years that most kids take naps in the car. Even Eisley, we would say to her, referencing her older housemate and closest friend. She would reply with Noooo Daddy!, with a cheeky grin on her face, as if what I was saying was a joke.

And then last week, some twenty-seven months after her previous nap in the car, after skipping the activity for the entirety of her one's and two's, she fell asleep in the car.


Veronica said...

She is a doll.
Those pictures stole my heart

Gwen Jackson said...

What a picture of growth! Our Stella isn't so little anymore.

"rare for her to take a nap while strapped" love it! :)

Crystal said...

So precious!

Hope's Mama said...

Hah, that is so cool. Considering both of my kids have been crappy nappers at home in bed, I have relied on the car seat MANY a time to buy a few moments of peace, quite and sanity. I'd be a broken women if they didn't sleep in the car! Though of course we are at the stage of actively discouraging the nap for Angus now, because if he naps, he don't go to bed. So there is a lot of singing and looking out the windows and poking at him in the car these days to make sure slumber doesn't occur!
Stella is so cute. Funny to think Juliet is the same age now as she is in the top picture. I can't wait to see the little girl she grows up to be. Hopefully as cool as Stella, she of the wonderful wardrobe!

loribeth said...

Precious then, precious still. : )

My family has a habit (which I have taken to new extremes) of taking photos of each other napping. I could (& someday probably will) fill an entire album with sleep shots. ; )

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