July 27, 2012

Days 6-11: Humboldt County

Welcome to Humboldt County, where the substance is green and the landscape even greener!

There is so much to do and see here that we felt like a week barely scratched the surface. Our six days here included hikes through Redwood National and State Parks, a jaw dropping drive through the Lost Coast, lazy afternoons strolling around town and two days exploring hidden beaches near the village of Trinidad (see captions below). And to cap off the week, we rented a sweet little cottage in the laid back town of Arcata, which afforded us the ability to walk just about everywhere in town, including a stroll to the best tasting meal of our whole trip.

There is so much more to say about our experience here, the way Stella came alive, the down to earth kindness of just about everyone living in Humboldt, the magic of being on the road, but I'm afraid my time is short this morning!

Being in Humboldt also meant we got to spend time with our babyloss blogger friend Laura and her partner Jeff. There is nothing quite like being able to connect with someone from this community and our three hour lunch was still not enough time.

College Cove Beach near Trinidad. We had this huge beach all to ourselves.

Old Town Eureka

Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Found a swing, College Cove Beach

1. Found a herd of Elk 2. College Cove Beach. 3. Blueberry picking. 4. LEO

Eureka, near Old Town

College Cove Beach

Top left: Hiking through Fern Canyon before falling in water. Right: Hiking through Fern Canyon after falling in water. Bottom Left: Bear suit at Luffenholtz Beach, near Trinidad

Redwood National Park

College Cove Beach

College Cove Beach

Redwood National Park

Giant slugs, Redwood National Park


Unknown said...

Great photos. I want to go see all these places.

Gwen Jackson said...

The photos are amazing. Stella does look alive. So fun. Again, I'm taking in deep breaths to catch the fresh air coming out of the pictures. Love you! (At the Indy airport for our bittersweet trip back to Budapest. Excited to share our final days with you.)

Hope's Mama said...

And so the awesomeness from your great trip continues. Loving the glimpses we are getting of your adventures.

Laura Beck said...

Your pictures make me grateful for this place. You captured a lot of it's beauty so wonderfully.
I can not even handle how cute Leo is, let alone in that bear suit. lol
I love that you got to go to some of my favorite hang outs too. I'll definitely think of you guys next time i'm there. I feel so lucky to have met you and your amazing children. You and Kari are such loving parents and comforting souls. I look forward to seeing you again, whenever that may be! Hugs to you & Kari and the babes. Missing Margot with you always. xo

Jamie said...

I love Stella's natural expressions... they crack me up. And you and Kar's poses :).

atpeacewithcrazy said...

my family just moved to mckinleyville (10 minutes south of trinidad) a few months ago. i am still in awe that we live in this beauty every single day! somebody pinch me. ;) your pictures inspire me to get out & shoot a little more...and to explore a bit more too...we must find that swing at college cove! i'm glad i stumbled on your blog today. happy trails.

Thea said...

Beautiful blog! I can look at it forever!...

Anonymous said...

My husband and I lived 10 blocks up from Old Town. We loved walking to Ramones for a chocolate croissant and a dark roast on a lazy Saturday morning. So glad to see you made it up to Trinidad. One of my favorite trails at Patrick's Point, a hiker could run into many, many banana slugs. They sure are beautiful. Glad to see you all having a wonderful time.

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