August 4, 2012

Days 11-14: Crater Lake + Ashland, OR

The last few days of our trip included a day fighting the crowds at Crater Lake National Park and two perfect days exploring the town of Ashland, OR.

Our cabin near Crater Lake ended up being a cinder block, smoke smell disaster, but it was almost worth it for one night to have these views and a free canoe for exploring the local river.

Crater Lake was beautiful, but until the kids are older and more mobile (i.e. they can hike more than a mile), the day was a mild let down. I think the droves of people made it difficult as well, especially coming off ten days exploring the Lost Coast, which we mostly had to ourselves.

We spent our time in Ashland playing in the creek that flows through the center of town and eating at delicious places like Mix. The lemon meringue pie was almost worth the entire trip to OR.


Hope's Mama said...

Your photos are like postcards. Truly awesome.
I could go me a slice of that pie right about now. Yes, even for breakfast!

Angela said...

Ashland is one of my favorite towns. I love its atmosphere and like you said, the food is amazing. Every time I go to Crater Lake the overwhelming crowds make me vow never to return. It's gorgeous, but very, very busy. The pictures are wonderful, thanks for sharing!

Jamie said...

Amazing pictures.

Rachel said...

wow that first picture is just amazing!

Gwen Jackson said...

Great pics, Josh! Love them all, but especially the one of Kari and Stella in the boat.

Tash said...

Stunning photos Josh! As Sally said, like postcards. xx

Groves said...

Oh!!! LOve, LOve, LOVE the new format...bigger pictures!!!!!

Rock on,


Anonymous said...

Love your photos Josh!

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surfjams said...

Breathtaking pictures! Makes us wanna go! We need to pick your brains!

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