September 5, 2005

HOME or 279 North Euclid Ave.

Today is Monday, September 5, and our work is nearly complete. After 6 long months of invisible stress - living out of suitcases, traveling back and forth, sharing bathrooms and watching movies on our laptop...we are HOME. We're renting a little studio in the heart of Pasadena. Thanks to some friendly advice, we're keeping our world small. In other words, we can walk just about everywhere. And after leaving Sydney with a few suitcases, we want to thank the good folks at Goodwill and Craig's List for supplying us with most of our new (used) belongings. After purchasing a couch, television and fan from a middle aged man now working for Richard Branson, he decided to give us four boxes full of dishes, cookware and appliances to outfit our new studio. As we hopped into our Civic hatchback he said, "I only wish I would have done what you're doing when I was 25, instead of playing it safe in North Carolina." So to Ralph - thanks for the stuff.

We spent the weekend setting up shop. We already feel settled - which in short means that we can walk to our closet instead of our suitcases. We have a roof, we have jobs, and we're slowly finding our purpose.

Today is Monday, September 5, and this adventure...begins NOW. I get the feeling I better buckle up.


Anonymous said...


Now that your settled and have stable it time to start thinking about Kids?


Samuel Bills said...

Glad you in the neighborhood. Here is to Pasadena home of roses, bungalows, and now the Jacksons.

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