September 3, 2005

One Small Step...One Giant Leap

August 17 :: Kari applies for a Paige Position at CBS.
August 22 :: CBS calls for an interview. Unreal.
August 24 :: Kari spends two hours interviewing at CBS.
August 25 - September 1 :: Waiting (and waiting) for a call.

Septemer 2 ::

"Hi Kari. It's Karen from CBS."
"I just wanted to call and let you know that you've got the job here at CBS."
"Holy crap, I can't believe it." (Not really, but something was said here)
"Can you start on Tuesday?"

Kari met a bunch of people at an interview on Wednesday who have been here for a year and still haven't cracked into anything. To put it mildly, we can't believe our fortune. We're so thankful to get a break like this. The Paige position is an entry level job where you assist in a variety of ways on different live television shows. CBS intends to move you up from this job into a full time position. In fact, if you hven't been hired within CBS or one of it's production companies within 18 months, they hire someone to replace you. They actually told her in the interviews that after 3 months, you're free to make as many connections with producers and directors as you can. Next week she'll be working on the Tyra Banks Show and Dancing with the Stars. Unfrickenawesomebelievable (a word picked up on the hike that's intended to be used for a moment like this). We'll keep you posted.


Christin said...

Congratulations!!!!!:-) I am so unfrickenawesomebeliebably excited for you Kari. Seriously, I know what a big break this is for anyone, especially you. I told Dwayne I was really amazed, because it takes people months and years to get where you've gotten in just three weeks.
Go get 'em girl!

Anonymous said...

Tell Kari congrats--that's amazing!!! Will I expect to see her actually on TV any time soon? That'd be incredible! Then I'd get to say things like, "I've known her since I was five." :) Anyway, tell her CONGRATULATIONS!

Clint Ussher said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We're totally stoked for you guys...

How's the apartment working out??? Will we get to see some pics soon???


Jess said...

CONGRATS!! It's so incredible to see your dreams coming true! Can't wait to hear more as time goes on!

pk said...

To quote Kari roughly 2 months ago:
"I don't know, maybe I'm weird, I just think it's going to work out."

Seems like it's working out!!!

Beth said...

Congrats! I keep up with your blog every week to see what new adventure you are on!!! Wow! Keep up the good work.

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