September 9, 2005

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After living in 1 condo, 2 houses, 2 apartments and a duplex - we felt confident in what we're looking for as we moved to Pasadena. The world knows we've failed on at least three of those occasions. 50% is not good when your talking about a HOME. So we, at 26 and no kids, came to LA with a few desires:

Keep it small :: We've never enjoyed space. Sleeping in our living room? Sounds nice. A studio will do just fine.

The older the better :: We like the wall that's been painted 18 times and the bathroom tiles that are more than "off white". With age comes authenticity - unlike the newly built exposed brick, fabricated, "city apartments" down the road. :)

Spend. Try not to waste :: Our desire for simplicity flows into the kind of place we live in. We know we need a roof...and that IS what we need - just a roof. So we came to find an inexpensive place. Fortunately our first two desires make the third desire easy.

All that to say:


Living Room 1.

Living Room 2.




Mom said...

Cool place . . . you're going with the decorating trend . . . less is more.

BTW - is there a communal bath??

Josh said...

We have a's just not worth putting it on the blog. :) It does have a shower and a tub.

Dad said...

Great talking with you on the phone. Cool how God is blessing and opening up doors and all.

Love the apartment. Mom & I might move into something that small!


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