January 4, 2007

Cramming [journals]

We leave the country 5 weeks from...yesterday. I keep thinking about how much stuff I have to get done before then. Then I realize that all that stuff will probably only take me 2-4 days. But still, I sort of feel like I did in College in the weeks leading up to Christmas vacation. You cram and study and cram and study and stay up all night writing papers...then one day you hand everything in and suddenly you're completely free from deadlines, stuff, all nighters and constant tiredness. You can pack up your car, go home and rest for a couple of weeks. I loved that feeling. Now I get it all over again. The moment I step on that plane headed for Hong Kong, all the chaos is completely put to rest. There's no more money to make, no more people to see, no more careful preparation, no more giant to-do lists. All I'm gonna care about is what movie is playing first.


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