January 15, 2007

Some Goals For 2007

This one is simple. I have none. Literally, I don’t have one goal for this entire year. Maybe my goal is to have no goals. We leave on February 6 for a trip around the world and it may take up the rest of 2007. Our main goal for that trip is to drift… to let whatever happens to happen…to wing it. I feel similar things about my life goals. This year is going to be so unpredictable, so out there that I have no idea what to expect or even hope for. So this year, I commit to winging it. I’ll take my chances.


coach d said...


No goals but to have no goals!

I love it!

boy that is going to be harder work for you than work!

Stay in touch!

Jess said...

what is your email so I can paypal you?

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