January 10, 2007

Film Review 2006

Please note: I have yet to see Children of Men and Dreamgirls. I think Children of Men would have made this list and Dreamgirls would have not. And I have yet to see either of Clint Eastwood's films or Pans Labyrinth. Be assured, I’ve seen everything else.

* denotes this movie available for rental
Movie in big lettering is my winner
The Three Burials was up for last years awards but didn't come out until this year

Best Picture: Thank-You For Smoking*, Half Nelson, The Departed, The Three Burials of Melquiadas Estrada*, Stranger Than Fiction

Best Actor: Ryan Gosling [Half Nelson], Tommy Lee Jones [The Three Burials], Leonardo DiCaprio [The Departed], Forest Whitaker [Last King of Scotland], Bill Nighly [Notes on a Scandal]

Best Actress: Meryl Streep [The Devil Wears Prada*], Kate Winslett [Little Children], Penelope Cruz [Volver], Judi Dench [Notes on a Scandal]

Best Writing: Little Children, Volver, Three Burials, Stranger Than Fiction, Babel

Best Director: Martin Scorsece [The Departed], Tommy Lee Jones [The Three Burials], Todd Field [Little Children], Dito Montiel [A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints]

Honorable Mention: Mark Wahlberg [The Departed], Devil Wears Prada [Best Picture], Brad Pitt [Babel], A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints [Best Picture], Will Ferrell [Stranger Than Fiction], Jack Nicholson [The Departed],

Worst Movies: Mrs. Henderson Presents, Failure to Launch, The Sentinel, You, Me and Dupree, School for Scoundrels, A Good Year, The Good Shepherd


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