May 25, 2007

Day 120 :: Around Kathmandu

Day 120 - Kathmandu

While we continue to spend most of our time laying low, we have managed to take long walks every day around the Kathmandu Valley. Here's a little of what we saw:

Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu: Thamel: Backpacker Haven

Kathmandu: Monkey Temple

Kathmandu: Patan

Kathmandu: Patan: Durbar Square

A few more photos can be seen here.


theoc208 said...

i was just on youtube to check out videos, my way of "preparing" for my asia trip, came across you guys, then this site, i'm impressed that u don't plan for your "driftingin07" trip, u guys r way cool, i'm gonna follow your blogs, LA people in da house!!!!

Josh said...

Theoc208 - If you need any information, let me know!

Good luck!

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