May 3, 2007

Day 94 :: Lift Off

Day 94 - Bangkok

[After spending 10 days in Cambodia, we ventured back into Thailand in order to fly out of Bangkok.]

It's official. After 94 days and 350+ hours of traveling by bus, train, taxi, mini-bus, boat and van, we are getting on an airplane. We were hoping to cross by land into Burma and then pass into India, but on account of closed borders, tribal fighting and a semi-corrupt Burmese government, there is no possible way to continue our journey on the ground.

Of course, forcing us into the air has created endless possibilites for our next destination. We considered heading down to Indonesia or skipping straight to Africa or even the Mediterranean. It was like we were playing with continents, getting to drift to wherever our hearts desired.

We fly out from Bangkok today.


Below you can see where we have traveled by land over the past three months.


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