May 25, 2007

Day 122 :: Twelve Pounds of Heaven

Day 122 - Kathmandu

The walk to the Post Office is two miles from our Guest House in Khatmandu's Thamel. We brought our passports because that's what's needed to pick up mail via the Poste Restante system.

We should have brought a backpack.

We arrived at the dilapidated General Post Office with high hopes. Even one package filled with sour patch kids would have made the walk home seem effortless. Upon arrival, we were taken into a back room and directed to look into a small box for any packages that might have been for us. Nothing.

We then called a postal worker over and explained that there had to be a package for us. I tried to tell him that we get a lot of hits every day on our website and that at least one kind hearted individual responded to our plea for candy (Okay, I didn't really say that). He must have felt sorry for us because he graciously went back to the box to look for something. After a few moments he pulled out a small piece of paper that read "Josh and Kari Jackson." I think I shed a tear of joy.

In the end we received twelve pounds of licorice, reeses pieces, jelly bellies and other processed goodies. Now comes the hard part. Trying to divide it up.

[A special thanks to those of you who went completely out of your way to make trips to the store and Post Office in order to get us candy. And by the looks of how much each package cost you, well, it makes each bite all the more special.]


Mom said...

Hey, so glad you enjoyed the packages of candy. Kari, you look so great. Enjoy those morsels of sweets!

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