April 30, 2007

Day 62 :: Four, Four, 0 Seven

Day 62 - Roigan

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On a warm LA night last October, six friends sat around a picnic table eating Thai food and making grand plans.

The dream was that we would all meet in Bangkok on April 4, 2007. We talked about laying on secluded beaches, trekking over waterfalls and sipping Century Changs until the sun came up. Kari and I left that night saying how amazing (and how unlikely) it would be to all meet on the other side of the world, seven months later.

On Wednesday, April 3, two friends boarded a plane in St. Louis with Bangkok as it's destination. A few hours later, another friend boarded a plane in Los Angeles. On the morning of the fourth, Kari and I hopped on a bus in Cambodia that would arrive in Bangkok 15 hours later. And waiting to pick us up was another who moved to Bangkok recently.

Today, the six of us walked across the street and jumped into eighty degree water. Cheers to making things happen...with your friends.


Ashby said...

literally amazing. what a group of friends you guys have found!

::athada:: said...

No plans my a$$! C'mon... you're not comLETEly drifting, are you? :)

Josh said...

Whoops. :)

pk said...

That's incredible! Hope you guys have the time of your lives together!

amber said...

Hey guys, your pics are amazing! I try to keep updated as much as I can. We miss you over here! Tell Steph, Ostray, Lindsay and Aaron I said HELLO!!!

Dennis Jackson said...


Hope you are having a great day celebrating with your friends! How cool is that?

We love you!

Dad & Mom J.

Beth said...

Great Stuff. I've been following your driftings. I love the fact that you are having such interesting travels. Keep it going!

Mike and Joni said...


Happy Birthday! We are so glad that you were born! We hope that you are having a great adventure and that you and josh are having blast celebrating your birthday. We love you.

mike and joni

Josh&EmStokes said...

Happy Birthday Kari!! You are in a beautiful place to be celebrating your birthday. I hope you enjoy it.

Love you both

Richard said...

Weren't there actually 7 friends??? I feel SOOO left out! Wish I was there, I've never been more disapointed in my life. Glad you guys are having fun, kinda figured that would be the case...

maylay said...

babies, i wanna! god, i miss you guys!!

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