April 2, 2007

Day 57 :: Same Same, But Different

Day 57 - Saigon

[Today we committed an unspeakable act. And in doing so, we broke a core rule for backpackers. We had KFC for lunch. It was so damn good.]

There's a famous saying in Vietnam. It's printed on t-shirts and spoken from Saigon to Hanoi.

"Same Same, But Different."

In our three weeks here we have traveled through every major city. We spent time at beaches off the beaten path. We stumbled into an ER one day. We've visited War sites and the museums that followed. We've read books about Vietnam and learned of her history. Even this week we rented a motorcyle and spent two days riding around the Mekong Delta. We rode 350 miles in all, racing the sun on our first day out only to find ourselves on a remote dirt road at dark, looking for a place to sleep. And now we're in Saigon, enjoying a city whose name was once on all of America's lips. It's yesterday's Baghdad.

Each place we've been, every adventure we've had, has been a thoroughly Vietnamese one. This is a country filled with French architecture, American menus, and Chinese habits. And yet it is unique in every way.

Same same, but different.

A few more pictures can be seen here.


::athada:: said...

If I can mail a letter to India for $0.85, surely a postcard won't cost you that much :)

Nice pics - very much otherworldly from here.

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(my town, state) 46952

Keith Drury said...

some of my college buddies were there in 1967...

Some never came back...

Ashby said...

i could go for some kfc right now. i'll make you a deal, when you come back and we're hiking the pct, i'll carry a bucket o chicken into the mountains for you.

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