April 3, 2007

Day 53 :: The Beach

Day 53 - Saigon

[Our most treasured traveling posessions: 1. Timex Expedition Watch - You have no idea how many times a day you need a watch when you don't have a cell phone. 2. REI Pillow - For 12-hour bus rides at night, 44-hour train rides and when the hostel is pillowless. 3. REI 55+ Sleeping Bag - Seriously needed because most places we stay seem to have bed bugs or mosquitos or both]

One of the benefits of traveling the way we are is that everything can change at a moments notice. Like on Wednesday morning when we boarded a bus thinking that after 12 hours we would be in Saigon. After five hours, our bus stopped for lunch at a little town called Mui Ne. It was a beautiful place, on the beach and cheap.

We never got back on the bus.

For $8 we got a bungalow just a few steps from the South China Sea. The water was at least 75 degrees and the weather was perfect.


Our Beach:

Our $8 Room:

Mui Ne Fishing:

Mui Ne Beach:


Mom said...

Sounds amazing! I like the idea of "as you go" travel plans. Enjoy what sounds like perfect weather by the beach.

Josh&EmStokes said...

Careful guys. You may have never seen the movie "Turistas", but their story is very similiar to yours and doesn't end well for anyone. Looks beautiful though. Enjoy.

Paul said...

Nice pix!

Anonymous said...


Can you please post the name of the beach bungalow where you stayed for about $8,- in Mui Ne, on the website?

This summer I want to go to Vietnam, Mui Ne. And I realy like to stay at that bungalow!


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