April 25, 2007

Day 77 :: Secluded Beaches

Day 77 :: Koh Samui

[For the record: We haven't worn socks since China.]

Only 28 hours by bus from Chiang Mai is a little place called Railay Beach. It sits along the west side of Thailand on the Adaman Sea. The only way to get to these beaches is by a long boat; no land entrance exists. The sand is white, the water is aqua and the cliffs are breathtaking. You can even walk between Islands when the tide is out.

This is where we've been for the last week.

We found a cabana for $4.50 a night. We spent one day snorkeling off uninhabited Islands. Another day was spent kayaking in and out of caves and finding secluded beaches. And this morning we hiked into a lagoon, which seemed out of this world. It was surrounded by five-hundred foot cliffs on all sides and the only way to get to it was by lowering yourself down the cliffs by ropes. The rest of our time was spent eating curries for $3 and laying around. It was absolutely perfect.

Our Beach:

The Lagoon:

A few more photos can be seen here.


::athada:: said...

Oh frick, just STOP already, won't you!

It's probably a good thing that I'M the one learning too much about the wide variety of tropical parasites... you two please just enjoy yourself and don't worry :)

Matt said...

amazing pictures you guys. the leaves of the palm tree in the bottom picture are HUGE! mc

Samuel Bills said...

Jurassic Park in Thailand. That giant tree could be the foot of a for real dino. Keep it real.

Josh&EmStokes said...

Looks and sounds awful. I'm just glad that I'm here and not there. And that I'm not jealous in any way whatsoever.

Keith Drury said...

You see any of Matt Carder's tracks there--I think he stayed there too.

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