April 6, 2007

Day 50 :: Happy Endings

Day 50 - Mui Ne

So Kari had a massage yesterday. Immediately after she paid her 80,000 dong (US $5), she started to wonder if she had made a mistake. All of the girl "masseuses" were surprisingly sexy, wearing hot little outfits and short little skirts. She decided to ignore her insticts, and she undressed and layed down on the table in her room. Naked and alone, she spent the next 15 minutes...waiting. Finally, a girl in a tiny black dress peaked in to see her, then ran off giggling. Then, another girl came in, started the massage, then ran out. Naked and alone for another 5 minutes. Then finally, a third little hottie came in, showed her obvious annoyance that Kari was a woman, and began the massage. By this point, Kari understood. The girls at this spa obviously make their money from the "bonus" parts of massaging men - but it was too late. Kari was stuck, already naked, being massaged because the place couldn't turn people away in order to keep their "professional spa" image. The sexy little number then straddled Kari's naked body, massaging in a short skirt using her knees and her other body parts. The 60-minute Swedish massage lasted all of 25 minutes and was definitely NOT Swedish.

Kari came home confused and distraught...the place had come highly recommended. By who? Me. I went the day before and had the best massage of my life.


jo said...

Sweet Kar...the stories you'll be able to tell your grandchildren!!!!!

Julie said...

hahaha that is so cruel. lol.

Anonymous said...

That was so funny... and why am I not surprised that Josh was the referrer :) Stories like this make us miss you even more.


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