April 10, 2007

Day 42 :: Scenes From Hanoi

Day 42 - Hoi An

...On our quiet alley in Hanoi, we fell asleep to a woman screaming. We woke up to a baby wailing. Turns out, her apartment had become a maternity ward...

We recently spent four perfect days in Hanoi, Vietnam's capital city. It's a wonderful place, full of history and loaded with scenery. The Old Quarter actually reminded us of some of our favorite parts of Sydney (except for the giant rats and the billion motorbikes). We've since moved on, but we wanted you to see what we saw.

A few more photos can be seen here.


barbara wilson said...

hi - i'm the person who bought your dresser. what an amazing time you must be having - thanks for all the pictures and comments -that leaping tiger gorge in china was so beautiful and what a contrast to the bikes in vietnam. stay safe and well :-)

Nathan said...

I love the pictures. Seeing them, I can almost smell the unique perfume of kerosene, garlic, ginseng, and damp vegetation that is my chiefest memory of Asia.

Clint said...

Is that you in the "HUNG LONG" picture (first one) trying to stake some claim or something???

LOVE IT!!! miss you guys tons!

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