August 8, 2007

Day 184 :: A New Continent

Day 184 - Bocas Del Toro, PANAMA

[Thanks for your patience - I understand these last few days without a post have not been easy for you. :) Since Turkey, we have been on a whirlwind schedule of flights and layovers, but rest assured, better updates (and pictures!) are coming soon!]

While Kari is at our best friend's wedding this week (and the biggest College reunion in history), I flew on ahead to Central America to meet my sister Julie. Tomorrow morning we cross into Panama where I (and Kari soon to join me) will begin the long journey home through Central America, Mexico and the USA.
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Ash said...

u2 are so inspiring every time i read a post. i want to be a jackson, seriously adopt me:)

Anonymous said...

it may be as hot in the central midwest as it is in central america.
are you tired yet?

Gwen Jackson said...

Enjoy that brother/sister time! Wish we could have given you a passing hug as you flew over. Great to see Kari! Take care of that little sister of yours. She's a sweetie . . .

Love to both of you,

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