August 23, 2007

Day 198 :: Grossly Generalized Notes On Nationalities

Day 198 - San Juan Del Sur, NICARAGUA

[Crossing the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua echoed our passing from Thailand to Cambodia. Developing to Surviving. Decades of peace to a history of violence. Plump dogs to rib-cage-visible street scavengers. Recycling bins to trash-lined rivers. And much like Cambodia, we still love it.]

As we've now been on the road for 198 days, we've begun reminiscing. The people we've spent time with along the way hold their own vivid place in our memories. Our English friends in China, our Aussie companion in Vietnam, our LA crew in Thailand. We spent Panama and Costa Rica with family, and now we're sharing Nicaragua moments with old college friends.

As for everyone else, here are some gross generalizations of those we met along the way. Please take note that the following is always true.

Canadians: Socially awkward. We could usually tell a 'friend from the North' in a few minutes as they couldn't stop talking and always seemed to have the insecurities of a less successful sibling.

British: The English take home the prize for endless whining. I actually heard one Brit say about a certain beach they went to, "It was so great because none of the locals we're allowed."

French: Yes, they actually lived up to their stereotype. Rude and snooty. We actually watched a French couple ditch out on their restuarant bill because the food wasn´t good enough.

South Koreans: One word: BORING.

Israelis: Two words: STONED. LOUD.

Australians/New Zealanders: Though I would get shot by either of these groups if they ever found out I grouped them together, they both always had a "give it a go" attitude. Whether it was another drink or eating frog legs, they would always try.

Americans: Without a doubt the most overly enthusiastic and un-informed people on earth. We were constantly mocked for thinking that everything we did was the "best ever." And we often met isolated American's who didn't have a clue about their own country, let alone the rest of the world. Even personally, we often felt many Europeans knew more about our country than we did.

A few more photos here.


pk said...

We so wish we were there with you! i love that picture you guys walking out toward the beach/water.

becky said...

I will go into mourning when you two get home and I no longer have your travel blog to read.

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