August 19, 2007

Day 194 :: La Pura Vida

Day 194 - Santa Elena, COSTA RICA
[Interesting fact #482: Costa Rica was the first place in the world to abolish it's army - which so far has spelled PEACE.]

La Pura Vida (translated as The Pure Life) is Costa Rica's well earned catch phrase. This is a country of beautiful coasts, diverse rain forests, and active volcanoes, with an entire quarter of the landscape protected by law from developement. Signs line each tourist street for eco-tourism and adventure sports. The lakes are clean, the water is drinkable, and there is virtually no trash anywhere. It's sort of like being in Florida without the old people. Our adventures included:

*Zip-lining through the jungle in Monteverde. On some lines, we hung 425 feet over the forest floor.
*Canyoning near Volcan Arenal in La Fortuna. Repelling 300 feet down through waterfalls.


jo said...

I have to take issue with the "old People" remark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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