July 30, 2008

July 2008

Highlights: Great family vacation in Mexico. Otherwise, more of the same. GRE prep for Kari, writing for me. E's Martini Lounge and eBay on the fringe.

July Films:
  • Tell No One - 9/10
  • Step Brothers - 4/10
  • The Wackness - 7/10
  • The Dark Knight - 6/10
  • Hancock - 4/10

    July Reading:
  • The Trial - 4/10 - Kafka
  • Fargo Rock City - 5/10 - Klosterman

    July Exercise:
  • 164.3 miles or 6.8 mpd

    July Mileage:
  • 298 Total Miles Driven By Car (we car share with the Bills)

    generic Brand said...

    You gave The Dark Knight only a 6 out of 10? What was your line of thinking in that rating?

    Josh Jackson said...

    I thought the movie was really good, but not great. The Joker was, of course, mesmerizing on all accounts. Mr. Ledger was one of the baddest bad guys I have ever seen on film. But as for the film itself, it felt too much like a series of three to four minute previews instead of one complete film. I just didn't think the Director gave us long enough scenes to really develop the characters. It felt choppy, like trailer after trailer all blended together.

    Of course, I'm probably completely wrong on this since I'm going against 80% of the "real" critics out there. Though David Denby, critic for the New Yorker, did share some of my sentiments. :)

    generic Brand said...

    No I can understand your thinking.

    I wonder if it came across seeming like sporatic short scenes because they were going for more of a comic book look and feel in the movie.

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