July 28, 2008

Nonrequired Reading: 006: Fargo Rock City

"Try to look at it like this: I love Radiohead. I've slowly come to the conclusion that Radiohead is the best working band I've experienced since I started listening to music 18 years ago. Sometimes, Thom Yorke is perfect. We are watching a band that's as good as The Who. But you know what? I could never love Radiohead as much as Motley Crue because I'll never be 15 again. I can certainly appreciate Radiohead, but they're not an extension of my life. For 99 percent of the populace, that kind of mystical connection can only happen during those terrible, magical years when you somehow convince yourself that a guy like Nikki Sixx understands you. It's all about timing, you know?"

-- Chuck Klosterman, Fargo Rock City

I generally agree with this sentiment, as far as music is concerned. Even as my play count for Coldplay's Death and All His Friends hits triple digits, it will never compare to the time Jeremy Reddy and I blasted out Pearl Jam while driving through a snowstorm. Even to this day, I still feel sudden pangs of nostalgia every time I hear a song from Throwing Copper or Sixteen Stone. Some things will never be the same as High School. Everything else, like love and non-pimple skin and peers that don't pressure, is completely different and I think we're all better off for it.


Beck said...


The Cure, Abba, Pearl Jam.

(I happened to have some Radiohead in there, too... The Bends. Mmmmm)

Matt Lipan said...

dude! weren't those the days?!? reading that post brought back a flood of ridiculous memories from back in the day...some of the best music ever, the beach/pier, "i wish i was huge", holding up a hand with only the pinky finger raised...and so many more. thanks for that!!

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