January 10, 2009

Grand Central Market Produce

Total: $10.40

[and that giant stack of nine containers...those are blueberries]


pk said...

If we shopped around and really got a good deal we might be able to get all of that for $50.

I'm stunned.

Christin said...

How much were the blueberries??!!

::athada:: said...

You lie. I won't believe it until I see an item-by-item break down.

Megan said...

You suck. No, not really, but I am mucho jealous. And craving guacamole now. So thanks for that.

Josh Jackson said...

Blueberries - .33 each
Strawberries - 1.00 each
Avocado - .20 each
Mango - .50 each
Grapefruit - .50 each
everything else - 2.40


::athada:: said...

0.33 blueberries? I'd faint.

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