January 25, 2009

Photo Los Angeles: 04: Downtown Los Angeles II

- Downtown Los Angeles
- January 2009
- For the complete Downtown LA set, go here.





Beck said...

Even at six in the morning, these photos feel SO WARM.

Anonymous said...

Ever make it out to Pasadena? Prayer Mountain near the Rose Bowl is a nice place to catch a sunrise and set, but the downtown buildings are a tad out of focus for low quality lenses.

Josh Jackson said...

Kris - Before moving downtown, we actually lived in Pasadena for the past 3.5 years...on Euclid between Old Town and the Playhouse District. I never made it to Prayer Mountain, but spent many days up in the San Gabriel's hiking and watching the sun rise and set.

My cheap Panasonic camera (Leica lens) is pretty low quality I would imagine. I'm amateur at best!

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