December 15, 2011

After the Storm

We head up to Margot's River, as we have all come to call it, every so often, when the day feels right or when Stella feels like picking out a rock for M, or when a massive wind storm hits Los Angeles, which happened a few weeks back.

We hiked and crawled around the forest, picking our way across the creek and climbing over downed trees and logs. We carefully selected the biggest rock yet to add to M's jar, and Stella, of course, wore her pink dress with a recently added star patch, which covers an impossible stain.


Rachel said...

You captured some beautiful moments. Remembering Margot.

Molly said...

LOVE that she collects rocks from the visits! That and the star patch (esp the reason behind it)--simply adorable! I am glad y'all have a place that you call Margot's. It is so nice to visit "them" in their sacred spots, huh?

Gwen Jackson said...

The pictures are beautiful, and I too, love that Stella collects rocks from Margot's stream.

And, did I notice... Stella wearing Keens?!! She's a gal after my own heart for the love of Keens.

Groves said...

Meaningful, peaceful.

And Margot is there - and not there. I wish she were THERE.

Cathy in Missouri

Mary Beth said...

Love the pictures. It looks like it was a gorgeous day. And I love that dress, star patch/stain hider and all! So cute. Sending love to you guys from way over here.

Fireflyforever said...

I'm glad you have a beautiful, sacred place to call Margot's. And I love Stella's act of remembrance with the stones - how special.

Hope's Mama said...

Stunning images.

Kate said...

Looked like a beautiful bittersweet day. Margot's river, Joseph's tree. It's nice to have somewhere 'natural' to visit. Missing her, and him. x

JR said...

Beautiful images. I especially love the last one... x

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