April 27, 2012

Eleven Years

Eleven years ago today, my partner and I pulled up to a seedy motel in the Iowa countryside, with our wedding garments still intact, with Wendy's fries in our bellies, and pleaded with the receptionist to let us have a room, even though we had left our identification back at the church.

We must have looked a sight.

Two kids, lucky in love, innocent and blissful, happy to be dining at Wendy's, happy to be sleeping next to truck drivers, happy to be at a motel with outdoor entrances and stains on the walls and a bed spread from the early 1990's.

Everything since then goes without saying.

Happy 11th, baby.

Two kids living in Sydney, circa 2003. 

April, 2012.


Groves said...

Happy Anniversary!

And why shave the beard...does it HAVE to go? Perhaps a Beard of Celebration?

Ten more days...

Thinking of all of you,

Cathy in Missouri

Gwen Jackson said...

Happy Anniversary! So hard to believe it's been 11 years already. Hugs to both of you.

Josh Jackson said...

Yes, actually, it has to go. Our future intimacy depends on it. :) And my sanity! And my ability to kiss Stella without her yelling, "it scratched me daddy!"

Molly said...

11 years... Congrats on that! Y'all are an adorable couple! Such beautiful pics! Thinking of y'all as delivery day approaches!!

MissingMolly said...

Eleven years is a lot of history. Congratulations to you both.

Hope's Mama said...

What a beautiful couple you make. I hope you find a way to enjoy your special day, given how fragile your situation is while you wait for baby number three.

Jeanette said...

Happy Anniversary.
I do love beards, my hubby had a beard when we first started dating, and I very nearly dumped him when he shaved it off...good job I didn't!

Laura Beck said...

Happy Anniversary to two beautiful souls!!!! xoxo

Wendi said...

Happy Anniversary!

Tash said...

Love this so much. Happy anniversary again :)

Groves said...

Ah, but weigh the benefits of "gently pull[ing] at it while I’m thinking or reading."

And looking so, so wise.

Can you beat it?

Beard fan (my husband's, and all other noble bearded ones),


loribeth said...

Happy anniversary! : )

Groves said...

May 7th, May 7th, May 7th, May 7th

is almost here.

Obviously, I don't have to tell you. I'm breathing deep and you are not forgotten - none of you.

Cathy in Missouri

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