July 15, 2012

Days 1-4: Oakland, Mendocino

We drove to Oakland amid one hundred degree heat and lots of relaxed conversations only briefly interrupted by feedings, DVD switching, a road trip mandatory stop for ice cream and finally, a memorable dance party in the car as we entered the Bay area.

Our overnight on 44th street in Oakland meant dinner with friends, a chance for Finn and Stella to catch up and some delicious pastries at this co-op.

It was the perfect start to a long journey northwards.

thanks for these photo's, ABI Q. :)

The trip from Oakland to Mendocino included the curvy Highway 128, which boasted giant Redwood groves and a little gem of a town called Boonville.

We pulled into Mendocino around dinner time, and were greeted with a cool breeze and a pretty little cottage, complete with a spiral staircase, wild blackberries, pond and chicken coop.

Our time in the hippie laden town of Mendocino was near perfect, with long walks, good eats and enough exploring to satisfy even Stella.

Next stop: Shelter Cove and the beginning of the Lost Coast!


Laura Beck said...

GORGEOUS pics! I love Mendo. You have such an eye for photography.
Can't wait to see you guys!! <3

Crystal said...

Beautiful pictures!

surfjams said...

You guys are brave! We drove to Seattle when Kahleo was 3 months old and it took us three days. After that, I said NEVER AGAIN! But your pictures are making me rethink a road trip. Absolutely gorgeous! Have a wonderful vacation :)

Hope's Mama said...

Fantastic shots. Makes me itchy to get travelling again. Been too long between plane trips (though we have one coming up in August, up north in our great country for a few days).
Stay safe guys and keep havin' fun.

fudbag said...

i was delighted to see you were in my neck of the woods (oakland). lovely trip, even more amazing you made it around with two kids.
-long time reader.

Bree said...

Dude, those photos are sweet. Leif and I are totally stealing your road trip for ourselves in a couple of weeks.

Gwen Jackson said...

Love, love the pictures! Looks like an amazing time.

Susan B. said...

i think mr. leo may have needed that "bear-suit" yet...writing to you from beautiful cambria...thinking of you all always...loves...

Mary Beth said...

Am loving these pics! Pre-kids C and I drove from SF to Seattle, and we made a stop in Mendocino. It was so tempting to just . . . stay forever.

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