August 23, 2012

A Trip To See My Parents In Budapest: Part 2

The last two days of my trip included more walking and riding around the city, more delicious food, a swimming break at the thermal baths, Hungary Independence day celebrations and a few important stops with my parents to say goodbye to their close friends, which luckily for me, took us into their homes for some authentic Hungarian food, history and culture.

Some captions below:

Inside an M1 subway car, the oldest subway line in continental Europe

Heroe's Square

Fireworks over the Danube

Friends Zule, Ella and KrisztiƔn

Zule, Ella and KrisztiƔn's home, one of eleven flats in this pre WW2 mansion. Still has bullet holes and bomb damage from World War 2.

View of the city from Buda Castle

Exploring a woodworker's shop

Downstairs neighbors and friends, Frank and Maria

Frank and Maria's Home


Estoked said...

Great Pictures!

Beck said...

Stunning. Once again, I feel like I'm hitching a ride on your backpack tag. Thanks for the ride!

Jamie said...

Love these pictures and the expressions you caught. Got a bit teary-eyed thinking about mom and dad packing up and moving... Love that you're there.

Tash said...

Awesome photos Josh, and so great to see some snippets of beautiful Budapest. x

brianna said...

Looks like a great trip. Glad you were able to go again before your parents left. Also, welcome back to life in the US mom and dad Jackson!

Unknown said...

So cool. Great photos. Very jealous (envious?)

Hope's Mama said...

We never made it to Hungary on our big trip six years ago. And I was pretty bummed about that. Now, even moreso!
Great shots, as always.

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