March 8, 2007

Day 21 :: (Incredibly) Quiet Shower Sex

Day 21 - Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

Traveling isn't all fun and games.

Like... we just spent the last 44 hours on a cramped train. That's two consecutive nights on a train. Which may not sound that bad, except that three out of the six people in our little bunk area snored louder than you could possibly imagine. Which may not sound that bad, except that when this family wasn't sleeping, they were playing with this incredibly loud toy thingy that was louder than their snoring. Which may not sound that bad, except that during the day, their whole gigantic family would crowd into our bunk area which forced Kari and I to lie in our bunks for the entire 44 hours. Did I mention our bunks have about two and half feet of head room?

Like... at our hostel in Beijing we opted to stay in the dorm rooms (for five nights) because we couldn't afford a private room. Which was nice for a few nights until we felt like having sex. The only place that we figured this was even remotely possible was in one of the tiny showers, which happened to be right next to two other showers and in the same room as all the sinks where everyone seemed to spend a long time getting ready. It was quiet, quick and forgettable.

Like... today on our way to the Vietnam Consulant, a little beggar kid ran up to me and latched onto my leg and wouldn't let go. I wasn't sure what to do, so I kept walking with him attached to my leg (what fun for the little guy!). Finally, I had to forcefully pry him off my leg, which is when he ran over to Kari's leg and latched on for dear life.


jo said...

no comment.......

Josh&EmStokes said...

Ha, ha , ha. I love it man. Can't believe you had the guts to put it out there. By the way, it doesn't sound like a completely forgettable experience. Sounds like one you will remember for quite some time. Love you guys.

pk said...

While we were traveling it was amazing how we were often willing to travel 14 hours in a day in order to spend 2 hours at some really significant site. But what you remember for the rest of your life is the 2 hours not the work to get there and away. It's worth it!
Sex in the shower? I'll leave that to you to decide if it was worth it ;-)

Coach said...

I've stayed in probably 50-75 hostels in my lifetime--often in the "dorm." Unfortunately (and to my embarrassment) quite a few couples in those rooms I slept in were not as discrete or creative as you two.

Mo said...

lol, i love the way u guys write. i bet u are going to have an amzing time! all the best!


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