March 15, 2007

Day 4 :: Decisions, Decisions

Day 4: Hong Kong

"Chengdu or" We almost played rock, paper, scissors to decide as we sat for two hours in the Hong Woo train station, having no clue which direction we want the next leg of our trip to take.

Chengdu meant we leave HK tomorrow - on a 14 hour train ride - and head for Central China for some cheap hostels, hiking and temple visiting. Beijing, on the other hand, meant staying in Hong Kong for another week because the 24-hour train ride to Beijing was sold out until next Friday.

We went back and forth for two hours, returning to the ticketing desk nearly a dozen times, while the smiles on the ticket counter attendants were getting weaker and weaker each time we rolled up. But, this is what happens when you choose to drift vs. planning everything ahead of time. You're left sitting in a terminal trying to decide your least the next week of it. (And you thought traveling was all fun and games.) But of course, we wouldn't have it any other way. For us, it's these moments that make our trip.

So...we board the train to Beijing on Friday, having snagged two of the last four remaining tickets. We'll arrive in China's biggest city on Feb 17 - the very first day of the Chinese New Year.


Matt said...

hey, i'm so pumped for you guys. it's gonna be fun following your trip on your website!
well...we didn't get to talk right before you left, but let's try to stay in touch on line.
have a great time in beijing!

pk said...

It's interesting how those "toss a coin" decisions are actually what end up changing the whole course of your adventure. You'll look back and remember those clearly. (And you virtually never regret the choice you make.)

::athada:: said...

Funny... yeah, I almost flipped a coin between Indiana Wesleyan and Taylor University. Marriage, career, faith, outlook - all would have been different. WEIRD.

ENJOY you crazy folk!!

Josh&EmStokes said...

I am so envious man! It all sounds incredible. Thank you for being the kind of people that allow us into your world through these little excerpts. LOVE IT!!

Angie said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Have the time of your life!!!

Mark said...

Nothing brings in a new year like a 24 hr train ride!!
Have a blast!

Amanda said...

Paper, rock and scissors is the new way John and I settle arguments.

Keith Drury said...

Some decisions, of course, deserve more than rock-paper-scissors (like marriage, faith) but in this case it is a "two roads diverged in a yellow wood ,and sorry I could not travel both of them..." kind of decision... both roads are worthy, though the less traveled one may be more interesting...

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