March 14, 2007

Day 6 :: Notes On Hong Kong

Day 6 - HK/Lamma Island

Final notes on Hong Kong (after only four days, we have completely figured out the culture, ethos and people of Hong Kong):

- Gameboys here are like iPods in America.

- They're loads of McDonalds and 7/11 stores here. Hasn't anyone told our friends here that slurpees died in the early 90's and that McDonalds is the new K-Mart?

- Serious culture clashing. Seeing the old culture vs. the new modern culture was astonishing. On one block we'd be walking by street vendors cutting the heads off live fish. On the very next block would be a 4-story mall equipped with stores like Armani Exchange and Tiffany's. The West is fast taking over (maybe proven by the guy next to me looking at porn) and it raises all kinds of questions about technology, globalization and the economy (which I hope to be more informed about after my next book on globalization).

- Cell phones here are like cell phones in America.

- Hong Kong is a beautiful city (especially the nieghborhoods that haven't been turned into Orange County). The lights and amount of pedestrians were enough to make your head spin. We were speechless for an hour upon arrival here. And when you add beaches, mountains and hiking...well, what more could you ask for?

- High on fashion, low on Asian models. Why do all the stores have caucasions adorning their clothing?

- We played the 'spot the tourist' game. It was tougher than we thought because you forget about all the Chinese tourists that come here. Every time an Asian snapped a picture I was surprised. It's not like playing the game in LA where all the tourist are either fat or wearing a baggy sweatshirt.

A few more pictures can be found here.


Julie said...

I love your pics!!! especially the one of the apartments. and i love your take on hong kong so far... i can see it through your words. you are going to make everyone want to travel, it all sounds so beautiful and it has just begun.

Ashby said...

dang, i love asians.

::athada:: said...

Un-freakin'-believable. Keep it coming, love.

Matt said...

loved the, it all looks so familiar
Wish I was there with you guys!

pk said...

Great insights. I particularly like when you ask questions.

Mom said...

Your pictures capture what I remember from a little over a year ago. Lots of affects from 100 years of British rule. Less Westernization once you're in mainland China, especially the non-city areas. Keep enjoying.

Anonymous said...

very interesting.... thank you for the pics and descriptions of your thoughts.... is it lonely? do many people there speak english? you are brave souls and good luck with it all! lookin forward towards the rest! -cheers cece

Christin said...

Can't wait to read the next post. Thanks for taking us along!

Speak up! said...

What a riot... I'm so envious.


Mark said...

Man, you guys are like model travelers. I loved those pics.

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