March 4, 2007

Day 26 :: A Visit to the Hospital

Day 26 - Dali

Kari hasn't really been able to walk since our trek up the Great Wall. So much so that we had to buy her a cane. Not so much so that we had to buy her a wheelchair, if you know what I mean. After a week of giving Kari piggyback rides, we decided to venture down to the local hospital. The visit went down something like this:

Dr. Office - We visit a DR. who looks at Kari's leg and declares that she needs an X-ray. All of this is spoken to us through Phoebe, our new interpreter, whom we met outside the hospital while we were dismally trying to use hand gestures just to find the entrance. Pheobe stuck with us for the entire visit, as no one in the hospital spoke an ounce of english.

X-Ray Room - Kari has several "photographs" taken of her foot. We wait outside (literally) for ten minutes. The Doc calls us in. No broken bones. No fractures. Good.

Reception - We pay for the X-Rays and DR. visit at the front desk. Total cost: $3.80 USD. (When we express amazement at the cost, Pheobe simply explains that common people need to have health care. Interesting idea.) The woman types in Kari's information and tells Phoebe, "This is the first time I've ever typed in a foreigners name." The receipt was given to Karji Jacksarn.

Dr. Office - The same DR. as before reads the X-Ray report and orders Kari to stay off her leg for a few more days. He also prescribed some Chinese medicine. Everything should be fine.

Pharmacy - Here's what the Dr. ordered: Healing Spray and Yunnan Magic Powder. The spray is to be put on twice a day, but not too much, as to avoid "freezing the foot." We looked at the manual to find the ingredients, and it read, "Not to be discussed." The magic powder is to be mixed with warm water and drank four times daily. The instruction manuals reads, "Hemostatic Effects: Promoting the aggregation of platelet in rat and rabbit significantly, enhancing the activity and expression of surface glycoprotin, bleeding time of wounds in rats and rabbits, demonstrating significantly constriction of artery vessel strip of rabbit."

If all this sounds a little strange, don't worry. Pheobe explained to us the the magic powder is a part of a legend about a hunter who heals an ailing tiger. That made us feel alot better.

We'll let you know it goes.


jo said...

Do you think it was the jig....?

jo said...

or...maybe ......... the shower????????

Josh&EmStokes said...

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Josh&EmStokes said...

That sounds so awesome! Makes me wish I could go out there if I ever need to go to the hospital. I hope you feel better Kari.

julie said...

love it. love you. wish i could heal kari's leg, shoot. and i have a request... more videos please. thanks.

Abby said...

Aww poor kari! I'm so glad to know she's okay though. Sounds like you guys are having a blast! Upload more pictures... pleaseeeee!

amber said...

Hey you two. Hope you're doing better Kari. Love the video of you dancing!!!

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