August 14, 2007

Day 190 :: Scary Hilarity

Day 190 - La Fortuna, COSTA RICA

So the other night I was sitting in our hostel reading Garbageland. It was late, maybe 1am, when an Irishman walked in and started chatting with me. We began, as all conversations do, by discussing whether Pol Pot's regime was worse than Hitler's. As it was the kind of conversation that can only be had when many unique variables exist (an Irishman, Passports stamped with Cambodia, the early morning hour), I was happy to put down my book.

A few minutes later, a twenty five year-old American from Albany strolled into our conversation. He wore his hat backwards and boasted a beard somewhere between full and patchy. I knew early on from his comments that he probably hadn't been out much, which only became more apparent when he shared his plans of exporting live frogs (which he had captured from the rainforest that day) from Panama into the USA through the US Postal Service.

It was maybe an hour later when the Irishman asked me who I thought would win the 2008 Presidential Election. While I was formulating an answer in my brain (Do I mention Gore as a long shot or Guillani as a fear monger?), the college educated frog exporter blurts out,

"Well, I just don't know how Bush won't win again."

The Irishman, perplexed, asked, "I thought Bush couldn't win again?"

I assured him quickly, "Yes, he was falsely elected once and miraculously elected twice. But thankfully, because of the 22nd Amendment, he can only serve two terms."

To which the American blurted, "Well, it's not like we're gonna vote for a woman or a black. I just think Bush won't have any competition."

"No," I said in complete bewilderment, "Bush can't be President again. It's not possible."

"Well, whatever. I just don't think Bush can lose." My eyes met the Irishman's and we exchanged a nod that was understood in no uncertain terms.

Our night with stupidity was capped off beautifully, around 4am, when the Irishman asked what volcano's were worth visiting in Central America.

My brilliant fellow citizen broke from his daze just long enough to say, "Peru. I think they have great volcano's up there."


::athada:: said...

(cue music and flag waving in mild breeze)

"And I'm proud to be an American..."
(where at least I'm geographically ignorant)

Curious: Was your conversation with the Irishman in American or Irish?

Matt said...

ha ha! that's hilarious. I can totally hear you telling that guy, 'NO....He CAN'T be president's--not---POSSIBLE!" thanks for sharing :)

Amanda said...

Ha! That's great! Speaking of the election, check out The Daily Show's "Most Immature Mantage Ever" from the other day.


Josh said...

AT - def. in Irish. My ears were in overdrive.

Anonymous said...



Ash said...

dude, laughed for several minutes about this post, love you lovecats:)

Anonymous said...

So, we're wondering if you are feeling any effects of Hurricane Dean?? Do you have high winds and rain, or are you far enough south of it so it doesn't affect you? The pictures on TV show a really forceful hurricane! Stay safe!

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