April 6, 2011


After 14 blood transfusions, 13 hospital bed nights - 5 of those in ICU - 7 days of extreme nausea, scales tipping over 180 lbs, elephant feet, 6 days of oxygen, 4 sessions of dialysis, 4 enimas, one catheter sticking out of my neck like a finger, one bruised abdomen, one c section...we are going HOME.

So much to be grateful for. So must lost.


pk said...

WooHoo! This is great news!

Beck said...

So glad to hear the health reports are so improved, but hurting for you both as you return home without your dear Margot. Praying, still.

Amanda said...

So thankful you're going home.

"So much to be grateful for. So must lost." Yes, yes.

Anonymous said...

Margot June's family....I am ssooooooo sorry!!! (Inadequate words) I have been tearful and thinking of you and praying for you since I heard this happened. I am thankful that Kari is so much better and did not lose her life!!!

Some comfort and hope is in knowing that Margot is waiting for you in heaven and will be there to greet you when you get there.

God's PEACE and COMFORT and HOPE surround you as you continue this journey through grief.



Megan said...

You have been constantly on my mind for the last 2 weeks, and will continue to be as you go through this emotional transition. Praying that you are enjoying the comforts of home and family through the pain of this new reality without sweet Margot.

Anonymous said...

I praise God that He spared your life... and I am still praying many times a day for you and your family as you start your new story. Be blessed. Revel in each other. One day at a time or one minute at a time, He is there with you through all of it. May you feel His peace.
Amy B

Sand Castles and Snow Forts said...

Will keep your family in my prayers... continually.

Anonymous said...

Sharing with you in your grief which became mine so long ago...missing our little daughters hurts, but "remembering them"is so very important. I heard of your wonderful family through my cousin in QC, and have been keeping you all in warm thoughts and prayers. He knows our pain, He carries us through it....Kari's healing of her physical body is "miraculous" at best, but the healing of your hearts will become a stage of endurance for a lifetime. My daughter's "angelversary" is fast approaching, April 17th and wanted to share this in memory of Margot June for Kari:

In a baby castle, just beyond my eye
My baby plays with angel toys that money cannot buy.
Who am I to wish her back into this world of strife?
No, play on my baby, you have eternal life.

At night when all is silent and sleep forsakes my eyes,
I’ll hear her tiny footsteps come running to my side.
Her little hands caress me so tenderly and sweet,
I’ll breathe a prayer and close my eyes and embrace her in my sleep.

I have a treasure
I rate above all other,
I have known true glory ----
I am still her mother.

In His love and light...Geri Ann's Mommy

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