April 7, 2007

Day 47 :: Travel Enemy #1: Sickness

Day 47 - Nha Trang

[I withdrew 2,000,000d from the ATM today. I'm a millionaire and I must admit, I do feel a little different.]

Trapped: Stuck on a 12-hour bus ride, in the middle of the night, in the middle of Vietnam, with a 104 degree temperature feeling like your head is going to explode.

That was me. That was Wednesday night.

Scared: Stumbling into a Hospital with no idea what to do because every sign is in Vietnamese, thinking you have Malaria.

That was us. That was Thursday morning.

Out of Place: A Doctor placing you in a dusty bed in the corner of the ER, room temperature around 90 degrees, and people all around you are vomitting or spitting up blood or convulsing or screaming, including two men who seem to still want to kill each other, despite having almost done so already.

Still Thursday.

Relief: The blood work comes back, malaria and dengue fever are not found, and a minor throat infection will follow for the next four days.

That was Thursday. Now it's Sunday. I'm doing better.

Kari's been sick since Friday.


Josh&EmStokes said...

That sounds so awful guys. Nothin like a little adventure amidst your trip around the world, huh? Hope you are both feeling better. Much love.

pk said...

You guys are taking world travel to a new level. You're including checking out the health care system firsthand in each country as a part of your educational and cultural experience ;-)

Hope you're 100% soon and for good!

kerry said...

Glad it wasn't worse. I'm praying for you both. Peace.

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