July 31, 2007

Day 151 :: Around Istanbul

Day 151 - Selcuk, Ephesus

Our five days in Istanbul were incredible. We visited most of the sites, took a day trip out to the Princes Islands, drank wine with other travelers on our hostel's rooftop terrace and ate meat for the first time since Thailand (we went vegetarian in Nepal and India).

Beyoglu's Main Street

Blue Mosque

Fisherman on the Galata Bridge

Inside the Hagia Sofia

Our Hostel's Rooftop Terrace

A few more photo's of Istanbul, the Princes Islands and other sites can be seen here. Photo's of the Taj Mahal are here.


Jenny said...

I randomly found your blog and I love reading about your travels. I'll continue to keep you both in my prayers.

Samuel Bills said...

Funny I think John Drury has the exact same pic from hagia sophia from the same angle on his blog - strange how paths cross -

Anonymous said...

how insensitive you are with your comment about the couple in the ampitheatre in ephesus. if you thought it was so "unattractive" why sit and watch for 10 minutes? they were attractive to each other and isn't that what matters. don't watch if its not attractive. keep ypur judgement to yourself.

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