July 24, 2007

Day 169 :: Never Never Land

Day 169 - Göröme

There's a saying that I've been using with increasing frequency the more I see the world. Okay, it's not actually a real saying, as in, 'Your breath could kill a cow,' but I think it has some potential - at least in backpacking circles or maybe an AA style meeting for travelers who can't return to normal life.

Here it is: Everywhere I go, I'm reminded of somewhere else I've already been.

Obviously traveling doesn't start out this way. The first travels for anyone are fresh and unique, whether it be a family road trip as a kid, or the college students first romp around Europe. But sooner or later, maybe after twenty States or three continents, the landscape is bound to remind you of somewhere else. And while still holding a not-yet-experienced vibe, the new place loses it's spectactularly unique appeal as it blends together with something else you've seen. The ruins in Cambodia echo the tribal cities of Guatemala. The cliff road on Turkey's Western shore weaves a similar path to the Great Ocean Road in South Australia. Dodger Stadium in LA mirrors Shea Stadium in NYC. Ultimately, this is why the veteran traveler goes farther and deeper into the World, craving an ulimately new and unique experience in places like East Africa or Saudi Arabia. "Europe is boring," they say.

While we're not planning a trip to Somalia in the near future, the reality of the world blending together is becoming more apparant. And yet for the next week, my ridiculous saying has become wholly irrelevant.

We've arrived in Cappadocia.

Our overnight bus approached right on cue, as the sun was rising and dozens of hot-air balloons were all taking flight over Cappodicea's magical mushroom-like stones and colorful valleys full of vineyards and natural wonders. By day we hike and climb through volcanic rock that has been shaped over millenia by water and erosion. We peek in and out of ancient cave dwellings and explore 6,000 year-old underground cities that feature rooms carved eight levels deep into the earth. And at night, we retire to our hotel room, which is in a cave carved into the side of a mountain. Welcome to Never Never Land.

(All pictures borrowed, of course.)


Keith Drury said...

Cappadocia rocks! I shouds' stayed another few weeks and met up with ya! (But I'm out here in Hawaii with Sharon for our 40th...which is even better than meeting with you ;-)

Gwen Jackson said...

Wow, beautiful pictures. I'll bet yours would have looked just as amazing. Sounds like a very unique area.

Dad and I are back in Indy as of today. Enjoyed an evening in Vienna with the added bonus of having Regina with us as well. So great to see family. A couple days lovin' on Evee and then back to SL.

love and miss you,

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