July 22, 2007

Day 179 :: Goodbye, Asia

Day 179 - In Transit

[Just a quick word: The following post should not be read as THE final post for our entire trip - this is just the end of the asia leg. There is more still to come.]

What can I possibly say here that would do justice to the wonderfully epic ride that we've taken through Asia over the past six months?

Without a pre-conceived agenda, we have explored Asia from her Far Eastern coast clear across to the Bosphorus Straight where we tip-toed on the invisible line that divides Asia from Europe.

We floated on bamboo rafts through a hail storm in Northern Thailand. We hiked deep into the Himalayas to watch the sun rise over 27,000 feet peaks. We raced the sunset on motorbikes in Vietnam and slept in caves in Turkey. We sprained an ankle on the Great Wall of China and threw up at the Taj Mahal.

We've endured.

And while the Asia of our pre-trip imagination mostly existed behind ticket booths with admission fees, the real Asia left us with more than we could imagine. Over the past 179 days we spent 446 hours traveling through the guts of Asia, through her canals and dirt paths, on freeways and back roads, on trains through the country and in every other imaginable way to get from one place to another.

The bottom line is that we did it. We set out to drift, open to Asia's leading, and that is exactly what we did. And I'm proud of us.


Turkey Stats:

- 1,679 Total Miles
- 49 Hours on a Bus
- $62 a day (for both of us, every expense included)
- Days 144-180


Gwen said...

I'm proud of you, too! What an adventure.


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