July 23, 2007

Day 175 :: Cyclicality

Day 175 - Istanbul

Time Out Istanbul Magazine - June 2007 - Issue 6 - Page 18

The Cycles of Traveling:

a) Enchantment - the "WEEE, I'm traveling!!" stage.
b) Normalcy - the "Here I am, still traveling." stage.
c) Drudgery - the "Traveling, schmaveling," stage.
d) Annoyance - the "Why can't anyone do anything right!" stage.
e) Hope - the "I can always go home if I want to." stage.
f) Indifference - the "Screw it, I'm used to it, I may as well keep going." stage.
g) Rediscovery - the "It's not exotic anymore, but it's more interesting now in other ways, and besides, I can always go home." stage.

While we've skipped a few of these stages, we meet long-term travelers all the time who are working there way through them one by one. The funniest travelers to run into are those in stage d - and they're usually English.


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