July 27, 2007

Day 160 :: Grapes and Q-Tips

Day 160 - Antalya

[A few mostly dismissive notes: 1. Since our arrival in Turkey we have scarfed down 46 Döner Kebabs ($2.00 each), 25lbs of cherries (1lb = $1.25) and 30lbs of grapes (1lb = $1.00). 2. After 160 days of ear cleaning, I used my last Q-tip today. Which is only noteworthy because I must have packed 400. 3. For the first time on our trip, we have been asked for directions from locals. And as a pay back for all the wrong directions we got in India, I confidently point the locals in a random direction.]


andrea said...

I loved this post! A few comments:

1. I don't want to know what your BM's looked like after all those cherries and grapes.
2. I'm glad to meet someone who is as obsessive about cleaning his ears as Jeremy.
3. Perhaps that's why the locals favored YOU for directions over another local... they thought they had a shot at getting the right ones! :)

Andrea said...

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Keith Drury said...

At your rate of Q-tip usage you have several years supply on hand... lighten your load! ;-)

Dennis Jackson said...

We loved seeing all the pictures of Turkey and what a hostel!

Have a kebab for Dad.

pk said...

I love #3 in particular.
I really got into pistachios while in Turkey.

Josh said...

Andrea - Seriously, ear cleaning is something I actually am obsessed about. ;)

Kd - The realization of way too many ounces of q-tips is probably what drove me to such usage.

Pk - Among other Turkish addictions, Apple Tea has to be somewhere near the top of the list. And thanks for the baklava recommendation! If only it wasn't so expensive!!

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