July 29, 2007

Day 156 :: Day Tripping

Day 156 - Fethiye

It's an all out British invasion here in Fethiye. So much so that many restaurants and hotels state their prices in the English Pound. But there's a good reason why so many English and European's are flocking to Turkey - as far as ideal holidays go, Turkey is hard to beat. The weather is flawless and the scenery is breathtaking, but ıt's the endless opportunities for excursions that really sets this country apart.

In the morning we spend our time visiting B.C. dated ruins, architectual masterpieces or natural wonders. In the afternoon we do nothing but lay on a beach and swim in crystal clear water. It's almost perfect - if only we could afford to eat in the restaurants. Bloody English Pound.

Here's a sample from our last three days:

The Travertines were an amazing spot where water dissolves into a pure white calcium and has (over the last two millennia) formed cascades of white on a desert mountain:

We spent a day taking the 12-Island Cruise Around the Mediterranean:

The Karaköy Ghost Town was formely a home to thousands of Greeks until the town was completely vacated in 1924 in a people exchange between Greece and Turkey:

More photos can be seen here.


Andrea said...

Don't know if you check comments on your flickr page so I'll post here. Loved the pictures... so beautiful. Kari, I don't understand how you're able to travel around the world with minimal luggage and still look fabulous in every picture!

Can't WAIT to see you in August!

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