July 26, 2007

Day 163 :: Our Busy Life

Day 163 - Antalya

[Our camera broke. It could be three weeks before some wonderfully mediocre photos surface again.]

So we were talking about this website the other day. I was complaining to Kari about how I wished I had more hours to work on some post ideas that have been rattling through my brain. I explained that in Nepal and India I simply had more time to write and how, in Turkey, we were just way too busy for me to give the appropriate amount of time that each post deserves. And then I realized where we were and what I was doing at the moment this conversation took place.

We were sitting Indian style on a long pebbly beach with aqua Mediterranean water lapping up to our feet, and I was digging a hole to see how far down the pebbles went.

This realization and the laughter that ensued led to a further discussion about how when you're traveling, the term 'busy' takes on a whole new meaning. At home, being busy for us means a long day of work and a list of to-dos that runs into the double digits. But out here on the road, being busy might mean a special trip to the Post Office for stamps or a two-hour bus ride to another town. It's nearly impossible for the traveler to be busy. We don't have jobs and we live out of a backpack. The only purchases we need to make are for necessities like sunscreen and toothpaste. And the only to-do list we have require such little effort that it can usually be accomplished in under thirty minutes.

So I was digging a hole the other day and felt busy. I'll let you how it goes when we get back to Los Angeles.


Anonymous said...

Surely the to-do list had Getting Q-Tips all over it! With the salt water you need 2-3 a day!

We are still laughing thinking about you laughing


Dad & Mom

Amanda said...

Ha! I love this post.

Hope you get a chance to relax soon.


pk said...

We logged untold hours on public transportation (buses, taxis, rickshaws, ferries, etc.)...it takes time to be a thorough traveler - not wanting to miss out on the must-see items in the area. But this also turned into reading a lot of books! And meeting some neat people along the way. The commute time made for a 'busy' life.

Matt said...

that's so funny. i remember when i had like ONE thing to do in a day (i.e., find a pair of scissors or something), it ended up feeling like i had a ton to get done. I don't know if it's because i procrastinated the little stuff and so it was always hanging over my head or what? Business is all relative, I guess.

mels said...

love this post, you're awesome!

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