July 25, 2007

Day 166 :: Hooray For Routine

Day 166 - Antalya

We're suckers for routine.

The need to be repeat customers. The need to have a normal day void of surprises. The need to not get lost. The need to stay put long enough to know where the best grapes can be purchased.

So when you find a place as untouristy and cozy as Antalya, you end up staying for a while. We rolled into town a week ago and every day have decided to "just stay one more day." Even more, we have held the same mundane schedule every single day at almost the same exact time every day. Which, in this case, includes the following:

9am - Eat Breakfast for free at our hotel.
10 - Spend exactly thirty minutes checking email and news.
11 - Hit the beach for three hours.
2pm - Lunch at Antiola's.
3 - Lay around in our (air conditioned!) room.
4 - Spend two hours on-line doing whatever we feel like.
6 - Walk around, buy grapes.
7 - Tavuk SiS for dinner.
8 - Walk around some more.
9 - A bottle of terrible wine and a game of Yatzee.

Sadly, our routine will soon go into hibernation as tomorrow we get on a bus and travel into the middle of Turkey. Unless, of course, we stay just one more day.

A few pre-broken camera shots from Antalya:

A few more here.


Gwen Jackson said...

You and Kari look so great in the pictures.

Hooray for routine . . .isn't it funny how we get away from the regular routines of life, but then build routine back into our lives when we are away from it . . .

For me, it simplifies, and yet gives a sense of belonging, a sense of settling in somewhere wherever that may be, a sense of familiarity.


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